Gratitude, connection, and support are the foundation that allows dreams to become reality.

We would like to thank the following for their support, character, talents, and above all faith Doug and Mary Shubert Accessgate has made it possible for the realization of these pages. Doug and Mary support unconditionally all of our ideas, and use their web capabilities to bring valuable programs such as the Conscious Design Magazine, Fengshui 2004 Conference, Spiritway, Design Harmony, Conscious Design Inc, the Foundation, and the 2007 Conscious Design Expo.
Deana and Lou - thank you for all your support .
Heather, Christian John, Corey

To dear friends especially Jon Sandifer that promoted and believed in
the vision from the beginning. May he rest well.
To Christian Kyriacou and Sandy Humby - deepest love and gratitude




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