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The Conscious Design Magazine is proud to offer informative, educational, entertaining and valuble article and resources that model the healthy design concepts of Conscious Design®


. The Conscious Design Magazine has been a successful and popular forum reaching thousands of people with fun and informative messages on healthy space.

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" Dear Renae,
I am always thrilled to see the Conscious Design magazine but January 2010 issue I received today brought me bonus and fortunate blessings for me through you.
I am so grateful to you for placing me on the Feng Shui world's stage of the universe.

May Conscious Design Magazine grow from strength to strength and make a difference to this world through Feng Shui and your remarkable work."

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Healthy Homes Create Healthy People

We believe that beyond beautiful, we need to have our buildings uplift and support us, whether it is our family home, our corporate office, a medical facility, or our schools.

The Conscious Design Magazine reaches people that are interested in living life at it's highest potential. We are passionate about sharing what we know about the impact of our homes and buildings on us.


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Our free monthly e-issues provide resources and information to
the public and professionals in the growing field of healthy design.

You will find information on Conscious Design®; the integrated concept that redefines the way we look at our spaces. It integrates ancient concepts such as Feng Shui with cutting edge research in Green Design and Baubiologie to creates not only beautiful spaces, but spaces that are also healing and empowering

Our goal is to tell your stories, answer your questions, promote your products, services, and knowledge to create a connection.It benefits the earth, each other and future generations. It is our mission to "spread the word". Your success is our success. We hope you will join us !

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